By J♡

Scars are beautiful

Offering a glimpse of who we are

What we’ve been through

How we’ve come so far

Some will stay until the end

Others fade as a new chapter begins

How we acquire our beautiful marks

May not be beautiful at the start

But as for me and my scars

I wish for them to stay just as they are

They tell a story of who I am

Battles I faced and where I’ve been

They remind me of what I now know

And the dark places I wish not to go

Thanks for reading.

Image: Pixabay

With love,



Some Random Thoughts This Friday

I miss the days when naps were mandatory.

I also miss the days of placing coins on the track and anxiously waiting for them to be flattened. Come to think of it, there’s a lot from childhood I miss.

I’m pretty sure my kiddos think I have 6 extra arms or can be in two places at once. They are wrong. I do however, have eyes in the back of my head (all mom’s do).

If I had been born with some sort of extended warranty paperwork, it’s probably lost or expired by now.

If I had to choose between stepping on legos every day or having fibromyalgia, I’d choose the legos.

Wouldn’t it be great to hang a sign like this in our heads to keep the inner demons like depression and anxiety away?

Happy Friday, everyone. 😊

With love,


Images from Pixabay

Where is the Support?

I need to get something off my chest. For years, I thought about starting a blog, but I was nervous to share a side of me that most people didn’t know about. I came into this with low expectations, thinking that what I had to share probably wouldn’t be worth reading. All of you lovely fellow bloggers quickly turned my thinking around, with the love and support you’ve shown through following, liking and commenting on my posts.

I decided to share my posts with family and friends on social media, and was left feeling discouraged. With the exception of a few people, the support is not there. The stats show me that sometimes the link I share is clicked, but there is no like button clicked, no comment…nothing.

So the worrier in me starts to wonder, is it that people don’t want to take the time to click and read my posts (I think every post so far has been a 2 minute read or less)? Is the content I write not good? Do they prefer to pretend that this side of me does not exist? Maybe it’s me they don’t like; perhaps it’s a personal thing and I’m not worth their time?

I’ve let this bother me quite a bit, but I’m starting to shift my thinking. I’ve always been that person who worries what everyone thinks. Why? It only makes me miserable and so I’m trying to change this. I have to remind myself that I didn’t start this blog for them. I did this for myself and in the hopes that maybe I could help someone feel less alone in their struggles, by sharing my own. No more feeling discouraged. I’m going to continue writing because it is something I love. I’ve seen an emotional improvement in myself in the short four months since joining WordPress. I’m not going to give that up.

Thank you all for your amazing support.

What keeps you going when you start to feel discouraged?

With love,


Image: Pixabay


Knowing this helps me get through the particularly rough days. I’ve said for years now, that there has to be a reason He allows me to go through what I do. There has to be a bigger plan for me. Maybe during this lifetime I’ll find out what that is, or maybe I won’t know until it’s my time to go home. Either way, I’m placing my trust in Him. I feel like maybe starting this blog and sharing my experiences are a part of the plan. If not, I know He’ll guide me to the path I’m meant to be on.

I hope this weekend is treating you all well. 😊

With love,


Off to a Good Start

Oh yeah! This is the second day in a row! If you read my recent post, you know that this is kind of a big deal to me. Morning stiffness may have made me waddle like a penguin all the way to the coffee pot, but I got my morning cup of happiness before waking the kiddos up. Now, did I shower, dress, fix my hair and makeup yet? Heck no. If you saw what looked like a racoon mixed with a zombie wearing pajamas, driving the kids to school, don’t be frightened. It was just me.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 😊

With love,




By J♡

She felt as though

She was falling apart

As the thunder rumbled

The tempo slowed

Within her heart

Clouds pulled together

Her worries drifted apart

As the sky darkened

Her eyes lit up

Her spirit came alive

When lightning struck

As rain poured down

Her tears stopped flowing

During the storm

Her spirit was glowing

Thank you for reading.

Image credit: Pixabay

With love,


Not Again…Failing as a Parent

Grrrr and a whole jar full of swear words! I did it again. I slept through the 6 alarms on my phone, the big alarm clock in the bedroom, and both the kiddos’ alarms. My daughter opened my bedroom door at 7:45 (the time we should be walking out the door) and told me the time. I frantically jumped out of bed and went to wake up my son. I was telling both of them “don’t panick, but hurry and get ready”, while trying to hide the fact that I was panicking.

We made it to school just before the second bell rang. There were about 8 other cars in front of us in the drop off lane outside the office. I watched my kiddos get through the front door, but I don’t know if they made through the next doors without having to get a tardy pass.

I feel like I am totally failing as a parent this school year. I remember, I used to wake up around 5:30 each day, despite how late I would go to bed. Now, it doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get; I struggle to wake up. I know part of it has to do with my medication that I talked about here, and hopefully I can get that straightened out when I see the physician on Friday.

It is just so frustrating. I feel like I am letting my kids down, jeopardizing their academic success, and causing them unnecessary stress. I’m sorry kiddos; Mommy will get it together soon, I hope.

Wishing you all a stress-free day.

With love,