Some Random Thoughts This Friday

I miss the days when naps were mandatory.

I also miss the days of placing coins on the track and anxiously waiting for them to be flattened. Come to think of it, there’s a lot from childhood I miss.

I’m pretty sure my kiddos think I have 6 extra arms or can be in two places at once. They are wrong. I do however, have eyes in the back of my head (all mom’s do).

If I had been born with some sort of extended warranty paperwork, it’s probably lost or expired by now.

If I had to choose between stepping on legos every day or having fibromyalgia, I’d choose the legos.

Wouldn’t it be great to hang a sign like this in our heads to keep the inner demons like depression and anxiety away?

Happy Friday, everyone. 😊

With love,


Images from Pixabay


10 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts This Friday

    1. Right?! I could be in the middle of helping with something and they’re already asking me to help with something else. 😒 Me: “Give me just a minute…”. Them: “An actual minute or a Mommy minute?”

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